Ukrainian Dutch Music
by Nastya and Richard


Welcome at our Ukrainian Dutch music website

We are proud to share our music with you and hope that you will enjoy our songs, our ideas, have an idea where we come from and what made this all happen.

Our Second CD "FAITH" has arrived!

After exactly one year we were back in the studio to record the songs as a duo. The second recording followed in September when we had the special support of bassist Michiel Pelgrom and drummer Jos Gelauf, both amazing musicians. 

Two great days, intense, exhausting but also very inspiring. With special thanks to the support of Anya Sulymenko for vocals and musicality and the tremendous help of Studio A60.
Our songs are all Ukrainian, all arrangements were made by us and the songs represent our feelings. We are the musicians, it comes from our heart.

All rights of the producer and the owner of the works reproduced reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording strictly prohibited.


The songs

Vocals, keyboard: Nastya Sulymenko
Yamaha grand piano, Nord Stage 2, keyboard, vocals (3, 8): Richard Rhemrev
Bass: Michiel Pelgrom (1, 4, 7, 10)
Drums: Jos Gelauf (1, 4, 7, 10)

Recorded July 6 and  September 16, 2023 in Studio A60 | Recorded, mixed and mastered by John and Rick te Dorsthorst | Production Sulymenko/Rhemrev | Visual design Nastya Sulymenko | Artwork Han Jansen | PhotograPhy Peter Bakker

Television debut

Invited by Omroep Gelderland on October 14, 2022, where after a short conversation we played the song "I have no home", a unique moment that we have been looking forward to. Also an exciting moment, how many people will be watching us playing together?

Video "FLYING"

November 2023, the song 'Лети' (Flying) was recorded in Podium Doesburg Gasthuiskerk. 

Video crew: Maarten and Joris Lindner, Doesburg TV